Personal details as well as documents in support of or ancillary to a notarial action should be supplied to the Notary Public in advance. Original documents or officially certified copies are required.

Key types of documents are listed below. Depending on the actual state of affairs and the legal circumstances, other documents may be required, as specified by the Notary Public. It is recommended that the party should discuss outline requirements with the Notary Public.

The following documents and personal details are required for drawing up all notarial deeds:

  • notary services for individuals:
    1. identity card, passport or residence card (issued to aliens)
    2. PESEL number (Polish Citizen Identification Number)
    3. abstract of a marriage certificate – when the spouses have different last names or when one of them has adopted the other’s last name and the time required by the law to change the identity card has not elapsed yet
    4. abstract of a marital property agreement – in the case of the regime of separate property, if the notarial action will be related to it
    5. powers of attorney (including stamp duty if required) – if one of the parties involved is going to act by proxy
  • notary services for corporate clients and other entities:
    1. extract from the Register of Entrepreneurs (commercial-law companies) or a certificate of entry into the Business Activity Register (individual entrepreneurs or civil-law partnerships)
    2. REGON number (National Business Registry Number)
    3. NIP number (Tax Identification Number)
    4. partnership agreements/articles of association
    5. resolution on undertaking a specific legal action, required by the law or by the partnership agreement/articles of association.

Depending on the type of a notarial action, appropriate documents must be submitted. Sample notarial actions and documents required for them are listed below.